Horror Society

A thoughtful script. Two funny, relatable actors. Perfect audio. Fun angles. A surprise body count and good gore. RWD is resourceful. Basically two men went into the woods for however long and came back with a movie that landed them a distribution deal. If that’s not a masterclass in filmmaking, then I don’t know what is.

Michael DeFellipo

The Slaughtered Bird

Stuertz and Hartley are two incredibly creative and talented filmmakers, with a passion for the medium that clearly shines through their work. Hugely original, the concept of this movie is it’s strength, and any frustrations are overwritten by how genuinely enjoyable it is.

Sue Webb

Search My Trash

This is a movie about two pranksters, and even if the genres are said to create opposite feelings, horror and comedy are actually closely related - as evidenced in this film, actually, that also makes perfect use of the found footage approach, using it to keep the wildly confusing plot coherent and even giving the protagonists something to cling on to.

Mike Haberfelner

Gruesome Magazine

Their sense of humor fits with the twenty-something demographic and seems genuine. ... There is a strange charisma to Chris and Ricky, and this is a key to the film’s effectiveness and appeal.

Paul Cardullo

The Miskatonic Valedictorian

RWD goes from nerve wracking to a fun surprise and, by the final act, it’s a tense survival film. I found myself on the edge of my seat, genuinely rooting for the characters.

Morbidly Beautiful

What starts out as a straightforward ghost story becomes a mind-bending and unique horror film. It engages the viewer as you have to work out exactly what’s going on, while things get more and more confusing and chaotic.

Stephanie Malone